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ACOP L8 and HSG274 regulations require employers to take reasonable steps to ensure that any control measures are properly used and applied. They require employees to make full and proper use of those control measures. Employers are also required to have arrangements in place for the management of health and safety, to have access to competent health and safety advice and to provide employees with suitable and sufficient information, instruction, and training.

Water Temperature Measurements:
Water temperatures in the range 20 to 45°C favour the growth of legionella bacteria.
The ACoP recommends that cold water storage and distribution be at 20°C or below and that for hot water distribution, at least 50°C is attainable at taps within one minute of running (55°C in Healthcare Premises).
Whenever water is present at greater than 43°C there is a risk of scalding and so any points noted at temperatures above this should have signs warning of the presence of hot water.

Flow Rate Ltd provides detailed photographic reports, which highlight any high risk areas, either to support your company’s in house maintenance team or to alternatively carry out the necessary remedial work so your company can remain compliant.

L8 Water Supply Remedial Works:
Flow Rate Ltd carry out various remedial works to ensure that your water system is in accordance with current legislation and water regulations ACOP L8 and HSG274.

Remedial services we provide are;

  • TMV servicing / Installation
  • By-Law 30 Kit
  • Deadleg removal
  • Cold Water Tank refurbish / Replace
  • Water Tank Installation
  • Reconfiguration of pipe work within cold water storage cisterns
  • Insulation of cold water storage and associated pipe work
  • CWST Mains Bypass

Call us to book a Legionella Risk Assessment.

We provide Microbiological Sampling Service and UKAS Certified Lab testing.

Disinfection and Chlorination:

CWST/ Tank Clean and Chlorination:
Neglected water tanks are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease, as Legionella bacteria can breed where conditions in such water systems are allowed to deteriorate. It is a requirement of ACoP L8 that they are inspected and most importantly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent sediment/sludge build up which can act as a nutrient, helping bacterial contamination and growth. This procedure is also needed if falling into any of the following categories;

  • When Risk Assessment or inspection findings deem it necessary.
  • If the water system, or part of it is substantially altered or has been entered for maintenance purposes where contamination is possible.
  • During or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of Legionellosis.

Internal Hot and Cold Water Disinfection/ Chlorination:
All new or modified water systems require to have a disinfection performed to prevent contamination of the water supply if falling into any of the following categories.

We perform this service undertaking the guidelines of BS 8558 alongside any additional requirements of specific water authorities.

  • In any new installations as part of a building’s commissioning procedure.
  • Where extensions or alterations have been carried out to the water system.
  • If microbiological sampling provides a positive result on an existing system for high counts of harmful bacteria such as Legionella or e coli.
  • If contamination within the water system is suspected, e.g. discoloured water.
  • If the water system has not been in regular use and therefore the pipe work has not been flushed regularly.

Upon completion of works, a chlorination certificate will be issued.

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