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Gas Appliance Servicing and Gas Safety performance inspections:

What is the difference between the two?
Just like the motor industry, an M.O.T is a compulsory annual inspection for safety testing exhaust emissions of motor vehicles of more than a specified age. At the end of this process a document certifying that a vehicle has passed the safety test or alternatively a list of defects which require attention before a valid Passed safety certificate can be issued. A Gas Safety Performance Inspection is reflective to an MOT within the Gas industry. A Gas Safety Performance Inspection (MOT) is not a service.

What is an Appliance Safety inspection?
An appliance safety inspection at a minimum includes all of the checks and tests to ensure the appliance is safe to operate.

What is an Appliance Service?
An appliance service will include all of the above checks and tests and any other specific checks, for inspection and/or cleaning of the appliance as specified and detailed in the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. This may include:

  • If appropriate, an analysis of the combustion exhaust gases to ensure the appliance is burning the gas safely
  • A check of the condition of the appliance including (but not limited to): the effectiveness of any seals, gaskets, the cleanliness of heat exchangers etc. and checking for any signs of heat or other distress

This is not an exhaustive list and servicing requirements will vary across appliance types and models.

Note: Some appliance servicing regimes provide an interim performance check (annual) to be used in order to determine the degree of dismantling the appliance and the level of servicing required.

Any maintenance required will be assessed, recorded then remedial work will be brought to the clients’ attention.

Gas Appliance Servicing is imperative for the safety and overall performance of an appliance.

Any appliance left unchecked could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s an extremely good idea to have your gas pipework inspected at the same time as having a gas safety inspection.

Plant Room Inspections:

Plant rooms contain Mechanical equipment, devices, controls and appliances which work correspondingly to provide Hot water, Heating and cooling to a building.

We carry out Plant room visual inspections and testing, with reports providing a detailed analysis of the visual condition of mechanical equipment, devices, Controls and appliances.

These reports are paramount in maintaining the performance of a Plant room, and can also be a specified requirement for building insurance companies.

Flushing and dosing:

We carry out specific water quality sampling and dosing on heating and cooling systems which is crucial to reduce the high levels of corrosion the metals within these systems are susceptible to overtime.

With constant monitoring to preserve optimum Concentration of inhibitors within the system, we provide detailed reports and a flushing service if contaminates are found.

We carry out onsite testing as well as a more in-depth Lab testing service.

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